DTP Patryk Bergel



We have the following machinery at our disposal:


Mazak FH-4800

3-axis, 1-degree indexing table
2 pallets, working space 500×500

Mazak Variaxis 200

5-axis, working space 500×500

Mazak Nexus 410

working space 550×400

Mazak FJV-20

working space 550×400

Mazak VQC 15/40

working space 550×400

Mazak QT10

Max diam=150, L=200

Mazak QT6G

Max diam=60, L=90


Deckel Maho DMC 100V + indexer

working space 1000×700


Deckel Maho DMU 50M

5-axis, 2 manual axes, working space 480×400

and conventional milling machines, lathes and flat-surface grinder