DTP Patryk Bergel


About Us

DTP Company specializes in CNC-based modern metal and plastic machining technologies. We have at our disposal up-to-date machinery from the best manufacturers in the industry – Mazak and Deckel-Maho. From the very beginning of our activity we export 95% of our production output to the European Community countries.

DTP is technologically ready for CNC machining of piece products as well as small and medium volume production series of products made of aluminum, carbon and acid-resistant steels, brass and plastics. Our staff includes highly qualified professionals selected for their skills and experience throughout years of the Company operation. Quality, time and price optimization is our strategy.

  • Kontakt

    ul. Wakacyjna 4/4, 05-509 Józefosław
    Gsm: +48 608 072 747

    Zakład w Radomiu:
    ul. Czereśniowa 8b, 26-600 Radom
    tel. +48 (48) 331 57 02